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Feb 7, 2013 7:00pm PST
is time to close the loop rolls in the education related to the gun and gun ownership. >> among the 10 pieces of legislation, a ban on detachable rifle clips, a, and requiring background checks on ammunition sales. >> a way that we see something fashion able and we all want to get on board. >> democrats are grandstanding. democrats say they want california to have the toughest laws in the nation. >> the problem is we really need to ask congress to act. >> democrats say they want these gun bills to move through the process quickly. republicans think some of these bills will have a hard time making it past the governor, much less the court. >>> us customs agents announceded they prevented the -- announced they found 23 rounds of ammunition of 3 vehicles headed to mongolia. he was likely not transporting them for a crime. officials confiscated the victims and ammunition with a total of $45,000. >> new at 7, the city of pleasant hill, considering a plant to demolish 1 of the signature structures, the arts dome. >> when the very few art houses, with the demolition plan and what would replac
Feb 4, 2013 7:00pm PST
. >> the caliban shot the young girl at point-blank range in an effort to silence their work to bring education to girls. on saturday she underwent two surgeries. this weekend politicians, dated her for the nobel peace prize. >>> the government is expected to file charges against a sit back people are the action follows a breakdown in settlement talking to the department of justice and the s&p. the company is found guilty could face financial penalties. >>> on wall street stocks retreated to the dow lost 129 points. today's loss is marked the largest for stocks is the beginning of the year. >>> business travelers in silicon valley added service out of san jose and airline executives announce a new flight option today. starting tomorrow travelers can purchase tickets for round types to san jose to los angeles international. the service begins may 1 and will include four flights a day. >>> six californians whose work helped the better the state were honored today in sacramento. the james irvine foundation handed out grants. one of those from san francisco developed in access fund which index capi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2